Monday, March 9, 2009

Peony Progress

I stuck to my plan and became more focused on the peony. This is the part I have avoided most...The yellow, heart shaped center.

I began with a Winsor Yellow wash and added some detail with Raw Sienna. Over the Raw Sienna I layered Quinacridone Gold. For the next layer in the darker areas I made a mixture of Opera and New Gamboge for a glowing orange.

I lifted and shaped as I went and it wasn't as difficult as I had expected. The green seeds in the center are a mixture of Winsor Blue and Quin Gold with a small amount of Aureolin. I used Alizarin Crimson on the curly stems. The black around the seeds is a mixture of Winsor Blue, Winsor Green and Alizarin Crimson mixed with very little water to acheive the deepest black.

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