Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bubble Painting

This is my first attempt at painting with bubbles! I saw the technique on Sandy Maudlin's blog. I found her blog when she was featured on Chris Beck's blog Brush-Paper-Water.
Both of these women are great artists and you should spend some time on each of their sites.

The mixture consists of 6oz. water 3ozs dishwashing liquid and 2oz fluid acrylics. Add ingredients and stir with straw. I noticed in one post that Sandy's students were using what looked to me like a straw for an atomizer so that is what I tried and it worked.I tried blowing bubbles with a mouth atomizer...use a straw!

When the bubbles have risen above the rim of the bowl, quickly lower your paper onto the bubbles and lift straight up. Bubbles lose color within a few seconds. Blow fresh bubbles each time you add a layer. You can dry between each color or not. I tried placing the bubbles where they would be appropriate for the painting I had in mind.
This techinque is fun and quite different than the controlled strokes I am used to. Tomorrow I will post my progress on this technique.

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