Saturday, January 8, 2011


Here is some of the art I was working on during my "lack of posting" days. This photo is of the Andes Mountains where my friend Carey serves as a missionary for two weeks each year. He teaches a class of pastors, preparing them to share the Gospel with the KeeChee (not sure of the spelling) Indians in this region. Carey asked me early last year if I could create visuals to help the pastors gain a better understanding of the scriptures. The work had to be painted on something that could be packed in a suitcase yet large enough for the entire class to see. I painted on white muslin.

This photo shows some of the work I did. You can see the "bride" and part of the "building" on the wall.
These are the pastors who were in his class for two weeks, shown in their classroom.

This is the entire group shown in front of the art. Carey is on the front row in the light blue shirt.
I have a few friends who go on mission trips regularly. One friend has taken art to two areas of Russia and I expect to begin work in the next few months on visuals for this years trip to Ecuador.

Well, I am out of space so I will share my "red, hot secret" with you in the next post...soon!


  1. Wonderful stuff, Zelma ... I knew you had to be up to something!
    But...we have to wait longer? You gave a hint there, I know, but what can it mean??? Hurry and tell!

  2. Linda...check out my blog entry for today!