Friday, November 13, 2009

Blind Contour Friday ~ Week 5

This is a quick blind contour drawing of something in my office.
I wonder if you can tell what it is?

Wrong guesses will not quell the pleasure I get from these little drawings but will ignite a desire to try harder.

I hope everyone will make time each week to take a part in Diahn's Blind Contour Fridays. I hadn't done these drawings in years but I can tell it is having a positive effect on my skills. Thanks Diahn!


  1. Hi Zelma, Looks like a fire extinguisher to me! I agree with you, they are helping my drawing skills, plus being fun!

  2. Fantastic, Zelma! I knew what it was immediately! I am so glad you've joined in, and find it worthwhile-I'm really enjoying having them be a regular part of my week...I find myself "going blind" even when I'm not intending to! It really is amazing what intense focused observation can do for you, isn't it?