Friday, September 4, 2009

What was I thinking?

I haven't painted my living room in years! Well, It is a combination living room, dining room and kitchen with a vaulted ceiling. It has been painted several times just not by me. I had forgotten how much like real work that is! Ugh. When I was 30...not a problem but now that I'm...not thirty it is too much! I will pay someone before I tackle that job again.
For 3 days I rolled and brushed and cleaned spatters and lugged around a 5 gallon bucket of paint and rested and started all over again. I worked full days to accomplish the goal of finishing all those rooms during my weeks vacation. By 5:00 on Tuesday I was leaning against my kitchen counter trying to reach the wall with the small roller, telling myself, "Every stroke you make today is one less you have to make tomorrow!" "Come on you can do it!" Thank God that job is complete!
I was finished by 5:00 on Wednesday. No, the hallway wasn't painted neither was the peak of the vaulted ceiling but I was finished! On Thursday I could barely get out of bed I was so tired and stiff. My dear hubby was off on Friday and he finished the hall and the trim at the top. I managed to clean thoroughly and get everything back in place, minus things I didn't need and I am very pleased with the results. Now just 6 rooms and two baths to go!

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  1. :-D Hope you're feeling better! (and that is exactly why I'm HIRING a painter!)