Monday, July 20, 2009

"Spring Cascade"

Finally "Spring Cascade is finished!

I have to say I learned so much from working on this painting. When I chose the photo for this I thought, "How difficult can painting white flowers be, I've painted them before?" That was my first mistake, they aren't white but the softest blush of pink. 

My favorite part was and still is the way the buds cascade from the top down the left side of the painting.


  1. Beautiful, Zelma! You really know how to capture the light in a painting - I love the way it comes through these petals...lovely!

  2. Thanks Diahn! I love the bird series you have going and I'm looking forward to this weeks give away. Your numbers have increased each week. Yeah!!!

  3. This is a gorgeous painting Zelma!

  4. I've been a bit behind on blog reading. This painting is fabulous, Zelma!! So glad you stayed with it.