Monday, June 8, 2009

Ugly Duckling Update

I think I may have over reacted...just a little...ok...quite a bit.

After scrubbing my deep, purple shadows and areas of the rose madder wash, which I liked when I first applied it, I walked away and thought about what I wanted to accomplish and how I wanted the flower to look. The advice I was given was well intended but it was not my style to paint that way. Now if this will work with the other shadows I think this painting will be worth framing!


  1. GREAT save! I think you're right -- this is more your style. I like the shadow of the stamens -- gives it wonderful shape and makes them really stand out. And if you were able to scrub that one down to fix it how you like it, well, the others ought to be a breeze! Especially that flower up to the right of this one -- it has perfect shadows NOW, at least it looks like it from here.

    And yeah ... I ALWAYS remember that it is about learning something. That way I NEVER cry. (What never? No never! Never? ... Well, hardly ever!)

  2. P.S. when I look at the photo of June 1 and compare it to June 7 I have to agree that you really did need some darker shadows. Just, maybe not covering up ALL the white. And I think your adviser will agree, once the finished piece is shown to her.
    Again, I'm glad you used your scrubber!