Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I feel as is I have been in a whirlwind since Friday. I am usually tired by the time I have worked my three days! (poor me) The fatigue stems from my sleep patterns, not from a difficult job. I had just gotten home, walked the dog and settled on the couch for a short nap when the phone rang, it was my oldest son John. His wife had gone to the OB for her weekly check up preceding the birth of their second, his third, child and they decided to admit her. She was in active labor and he needed to be there as well as having two children at home that needed supervision... what do you do in a situation like that...MOM!!! Will you come to pick me up, take me to the hospital AND keep the boys until we bring the baby home? No problem! We had planned to do just that only not this weekend! 

Chloe was born just over two weeks early and still weighed 8lbs 10ozs! She is a cutie (of course) and very healthy, for which we are thankful. They were able to come home Sunday. I had cooked our Sunday meal the day before and we ended up taking it to their house so that we could all spend time together and enjoy the baby. Monday I had switched days with my coworker and it was my oldest grandsons birthday, so after work, even though the sofa was calling my name I headed to Papa Murphy's and back to my sons house for a birthday party! Today...I may not get out of my pajamas! 

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